Memorizer: Memorizing, made easier.

About Memorizer

This free, streamlined memorization tool can help you with lines, poems, speeches and monologues - basically anything that needs to be spoken.

Memorizer works with dozens of languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German.

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Latest Features

2015/10: Offers dark mode (in supported browsers).
2013/12: Available offline (in supported browsers).
2013/12: Calculates approximate speaking time.

Memorization Tips

You learn best by hearing, seeing, or doing, so find out what type of learner you are and have matching memorization techniques.

In addition, ask people who know you well and/or are familiar with memorizing (teachers, actors, etc.) to help you out.

Make sure to experiment - the only way to find out how you memorize best is by trying to memorize in different ways.